Military & Government Clients

Hazgiene is proud to provide biohazard removal and remediation services to government and military organizations nationwide. Our Regional offices countrywide and our mobile units are strategically located across South Africa to provide blood, accident, and biohazard clean-up with speed, discretion, and quality. We serve all types of government programs, including construction, transportation, healthcare, and emergency trauma.

What We Do For Military & Government Clients

OSHA regulations define items contaminated with blood or bodily fluids as regulated waste. This waste must be properly packaged, labelled, and disposed of at a licensed medical waste disposal facility. As a result, more and more government entities are proactively contracting and subcontracting with professional remediation companies to clean up after incidents such as suicides, homicides, accidents, and communicable disease outbreaks. Hazgiene is registered with SAIOSH, and is OSHA, EPA, and DOT compliant. Our commitment to quality, safety, and compliance is a strength, agencies know they can rely on.